Choose the stairs.

The easy road or the hard one, which do you choose?

I am grateful that we have chosen the path of most resistance.

Business is never "easy", but we could have chosen an "easier" route.

We could have had someone build our rods for us from start to finish.

We could have sold cheap products that would have helped grow the company quicker.

We could have chosen the easier path on a hundred other options to make things quicker, more profitable, and less work.

But we've made a conscious decision to choose the path of most resistance on every decision.

Because we figured something out.

The struggle is what teaches you, grows you...forges you into a stronger version of yourself.

It's also what builds companies that last a century, not a decade.

Whether you are standing in front a set of stairs and an elevator, or you are building a company...choose the path of most resistance.

Plenty of people will scoff at your decision, but those are the people who live mediocre lives and accomplish mediocre things.

Choose the struggle, do the work, your future self will thank you.

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