We are a group of anglers whose lives are intertwined with the sport of Fly Fishing. We would do this even if we never made a cent from it. Our passion for the sport translates into an undying dedication to crafting the best possible products for you. This is more than a business for us. It's a vehicle to help grow the sport by supporting charities, educating the public, and bringing new anglers into the sport.


Our job is to create the best fly rods possible.  Period.  We've poured years of experience gained through fly fishing and guiding into our rods. When it came to designing our own equipment, no short cuts would do. Nothing less than the best. Our USA made rods contain the highest quality components, and are hand-built right here in Coastal North Carolina. The Southern Outer Banks are our testing grounds. Over a decade of fly fishing the harshest conditions and fighting the toughest fish, has given us the knowledge base to build equipment that will stand up to anything you put it against.


Since we are building premium fishing rods, we want to give them the attention to detail that they deserve. No high cost rods with gaps between guide threads and alignment dots half scratched off. When we build these rods, we think about what we would want as a customer. We'd be pretty disappointed to pay a big price for a high-end rod, only to have it put together with less than desirable attention to detail, so you won't see anything like that leaving our shop. We not only want you to be excited about how amazing your new rod casts, but we also want you to be extremely proud of the build quality.


We believe that having a superior product is only part of the equation. The company that manufactures the product should also have their customers' best interest in mind. You deserve a company that will be there for you before, during, and after the purchase. A company that listens, not just talks. A company that is built on truth, not hype. A company that supports the sport, and works to grow and develop it for future generations. A company that gives generously, educates its customers, and treats each of them like a friend. It is our intent to be that company for you.


If you have an issue, we are going to take care of it. Plain and simple. We have a reputation to build and keep in this industry. Damaged rod? Unhappy with the product for some reason? We'll take care of you. In an age where one unhappy customer with a voice and a social media account can blemish your reputation, we would be doing ourselves a disservice by giving anything less than stellar customer service. We're in the business of solving problems and helping people, that will always be the ideal that fuels our customer service. And by the way, we consider each of you friends through our shared interest in the sport, and we always look out for our friends.


"Cheap" and "value" are not interchangeable. Cheap just feels like a dirty word to us. We will always strive to build the highest quality products available, and we will price them accordingly. We won't overcharge for our products, so you can be assured that you are always getting your money's worth. You won't see "buy one get one" sales or cheap low-end products...that's not who we are. Although we don't do "cheap", we do want to overwhelm you with extreme "value". Value, being defined as getting "more than you paid for". This goes back to the whole giving back and growing the sport ideal. Through educational articles on our blog, entertaining videos, casting clinics and other activities, we hope to bring extreme value to everyone in the sport. Our philosophy is to offer value to you with no expectation of a return. It's a karma thing.


Our hope is that the fly rods you purchase from us will serve as an open door for you. One that leads to adventure. We hope that you find yourself in places that are so beautiful that they reset your mind to what pure happiness is. And we hope that whether it's for a week at a time, or only for a few hours, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the real world and just worry about you, the water and the fish. Life is short, it goes by in a flash, and it's completely up to you with what you do with it. We're not really selling you a fly rod, we're selling you a ticket to adventure. Get out there and make some memories.



"I am a huge fan of Mauser Fly Rods.  What sets them apart is their professionalism and passion - they really care about and optimize even the smallest details.  I own a 4wt that has a fresh, crisp action and is awesome not just to cast but especially to fish with.  Highly recommended!"  Sjef Pieters, Netherlands


"My Waterman 690 has become my new favorite fly rod!  It has traveled from the wild trout streams in Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon area looking for Brookies, all the way down to the Florida Keys backcountry, fishing for baby tarpon and bonefish.  This rod travels with me all the time, never knowing where a fishing spot will pop up during my travels.  I have met John and some of the team at the Lancaster Fly Fishing Expos and they are extremely friendly and helpful when picking out the right fishing tackle for your needs.  Thanks for a great product!"  Shawn Gaspar, Pennsylvania


"When I first heard there was a new independant fly rod company at the show, I was intrigued but also guarded.  As the editor of DUN Magazine, I get approached all the time by companies wanting me to try their products.  It took me all of 30 seconds of casting a Mauser rod before I fell in love with it.  I walked around the show and told all my fly friends they had to try the Mauser rod.  That was a couple years ago now, and I still do that because I LOVE my Mauser rod.  And the fact that the nicest people on the planet are behind the rod is just a huge bonus."  Jen Ripple, Tennessee


"Mauser Fly Fishing is a stellar model for how a business should be.  They are commited to the sport of fly fishing.  They care deeply for their customers and the fly fishing community as a whole.  They construct beautifully made products that don't compromise.  Whenever I pick up my Mauser Waterman I can feel the passion that went into crafting it."  Johnathan Eshleman, North Carolina


"After buying a Waterman and using it to catch my first Salmon in Hokkaido Japan, I'm really addicted to it for saltwater fly casting.  I'm sure loving my 10wt Waterman, as it has good action while casting without a stiff tip.  That helps a lot when I'm fishing along the river mouth for easily spooked Salmon.  The flex tip lets the line gently land without sacrificing casting power for distant fish.  Is this a rod I recommend?  Without any doubt, the answer is yes!  I believe it shall catch more trophy fish for me in the future."  Mountain Ching, Taipei Taiwan


"That 3ft aluminum tube holds a lot more than 'just some fishing rod'...it's hard to describe the sense of pride one gets by fishing with a Mauser rod.  I can tell that every rod is built with a lifetime of Integrity, Honesty, and a true Love for the sport.  I feel like buying mine somehow strengthens a community..."  Bobby Fett, Florida


"Hope all is great, just a note to tell you my 10wt Waterman is truly amazing.  It shoots line straight upwind and really lays the wood on big fish!  Paired with my 12wt Waterman, these big fish don't stand a chance.  Thanks for a killer product, encompassing support and general bad-assery!"                                Capt Chip Smith, Florida


"I met the Mauser Team at the New Jersey Fly Fishing Show.  I was so impressed by these guys who took pride in their small company.  I tried out one of their rods, which I bought, and enjoyed fishing last season.  Since then I've been following the company, and feel like my first impression of the guys who take pride in their products and company, and care about their customers was spot on."                  Michael Salzhauer, New York


"When I purchased my Waterman 790, I had done a lot of research about how committed Mauser Fly Fishing was to making a product that was built with the utmost detail.  Not only was it shipped quickly, it came in a great aluminum rod tube with a label listing the serial number of the rod built (like a piece of artwork) and it was wrapped in a beautiful velvet rod sock.  I was impressed, and then I noticed a hand written note from the owner.  The rod is one of the best, if not the best rod I have ever used.  With that being said, I felt I was a part of a family.  The commitment, the follow up from the owner making sure all was good...gave me a sense that I had purchased something special.  The Mauser Fly Fishing company is not like the big companies, they stand behind their rods and care for all of their customers like they are family.  I can say hands down that the purchase of the Waterman 790 was a great purchase and would attest that they truly do care about their rods and their customers.  Their marketing process is summed up in two sentences on the website.  'A company that listens, not just talks.  A company that is built on truth, not hype.'  I would recommend Mauser Fly Fishing to anyone who is looking for a new rod that is made with the utmost care and attention to detail."  Todd Hansen, Virginia


"I have really enjoyed the versatility my 5wt Waterman brings, quickly making it my 'go to' rod here in the Pacific North West.  The rod continually performs whether I am on small mountain streams of the coastal Cascades, floating still water or wading the mighty Deschutes.  While still only a few years into my fly fishing journey, I have come to appreciate how the rod strikes the perfect balance of action needed without sacrificing the feel of the bend.  My husband recently purchased us both 3wt Arete rods and we anxiously await testing them once trout season opens.  As for customer service, Mauser has never hesitated to answer the many questions I have bombarded them with over the years.  They are passionate about their rods, and the company is genuinely excited to help others grow and succeed in this sport.  We look forward to adding more Mauser fly rods to our arsenal in the future!"                       Callie and Heath Freeman, Oregon


"I absolutely love my Waterman 6wt.  Great casting rod and perfect for smallmouth bass and light saltwater fishing.  The customer service with Mauser is absolutely top-notch.  They even sent me a Christmas card!"  Capt Chris Siess, Virginia