Mauser Lifetime Warranty and Lifetime Repair Policies

Please read thoroughly.  Our policy is very similar to our competitors, but we want to explain it in a way that you are completely familiar with the process.  


Lifetime Warranty Policy:  Congratulations on the purchase of your new Mauser Fly Rod. We are confident that your fly rod will give you years of quality service. If there are any "manufacturer defects" or breakage caused by "manufacturer defects", your Mauser Fly Rod is covered by our "Lifetime Warranty Policy" for the original owner.  If your rod has a defect or becomes damaged, we aim to have your rod repaired and back to you within 2 weeks of receiving it, at no cost to you.

For warranty coverage, the rod must be with the original owner, purchased from an authorized dealer and must be registered within 30 days of purchase. Your damaged rod/section will be replaced or repaired as seen fit by us. If your rod is no longer in production, we may offer a replacement rod of similar type and value. 


Warranties vs Repairs: The truth of the matter is that a fly rod rarely breaks due to manufacturer defects. Our blanks are gone over with a fine tooth comb and stress tested before being built into a rod. Once completed, the rods are gone over again and stress tested. If somehow a manufacturer defect slips past us, the issue should come to light within a relatively short time of owning and fishing the rod.  When a broken or damaged rod is sent to us, it is completely up to our discretion to determine if the rod falls under "manufacturer defect" or "angler error".  

If it falls under "angler error", then we will still repair your rod under our "Lifetime Repair Policy".

Here are a few examples of breakages due to "angler error" that would NOT fall under our "Lifetime Warranty Policy", but would still be covered under our "Lifetime Repair Policy".

*Rod tip in ceiling fan                                                                                                

*Rod slammed in car door                                                                            

*Breaks caused from nicks from weighted fly impact                                           

*Sword fighting against fellow anglers for the best fishing spot                         

*High sticking                                                                                                   

*Grabbing the rod above the grip during a fight, causing a pressure point      

*Ferrule break due to a loose ferrule                                                            

*Sudden shock from snagging a tree limb on a back cast                               

*Mako Shark on a 4wt


Lifetime Repair Policy: We know accidents occur, and we want you to have the peace of mind of knowing that your rod will be fixed and returned to you as soon as possible.

Most companies charge a fee for repair and call it a "processing fee" or "handling fee". The fee is there to help cover the repair costs without costing the company out of pocket. The fee you pay us for your "Lifetime Repair Policy" is enough for us to cover the cost of parts, and we are basically covering the cost of labor ourselves. We think that’s a pretty good deal for our anglers. It's like insurance that you don't have to pay until the accident occurs. 

We would love to offer free or ridiculously low cost repair fees, but the only way a company can do that is by building the repair costs into their retail cost, and in turn hiking their rod prices.  Many companies choose to do this, so that the repair fee is much lower.  You are still paying for the repair, just at the time of purchase, whether you ever break your rod or not.  

We would much rather charge a repair fee if the rod ever breaks, rather than raise our rod retail costs. That way you get a premium quality fly rod at a great price, and you don’t have to pay towards a repair unless you actually break the rod at some point. And if you do, the repair cost is still extremely reasonable as far as we are concerned.

Because the cost of repairing or rebuilding each section varies due to parts, we have different repair costs for each broken section.

The costs are as follows:

*Tip Section $60                                                                                                 

*Upper Middle Section $60                                                                                 

*Lower Middle Section $75                                                                              

*Butt Section $85

The "Lifetime Warranty Policy" and "Lifetime Repair Policy" excludes cosmetic issues (wear and tear) from usage, loss, intentional breakage and breakage due to neglect. If any of these happen, or if you are not the original owner, Mauser will still repair your rod for a reasonable fee.  Contact us for information on this.

For each returned rod, there will be the appropriate charge for the broken section (unless determined to be a "manufacturer defect") along with a nominal charge to cover return shipping.


There are 2 ways to pay for your repair:

You may include a check written to: Mauser Fly Fishing LLC.

Or, you may pay by Credit Card by following the SECURE LINK HERE  


Please return all sections of the rod, as there can sometimes be damage to other sections from the break that are not easily seen by the angler.  In the case that we build you a completely new section, we will need your other sections to make sure we get a great ferrule fit.

Owner is responsible for the task and cost for shipping and tracking, along with any insurance necessary. Please package the rod in original sock and tube if possible and include the completed Repair Form.

Return address and additional shipping information is included on the Fly Rod Return Form.

For any additional questions, contact us at: info@mauserflyfishing.com


Rod Registration

To enjoy the benefits of our Warranty and help us better serve you, please click the link below to complete your Fly Rod Registration. Please be sure to register your rod within 30 days of purchase.



Rod Warranty/Repair Form

This form must be printed, filled out and included with returned rod.



Rod Returns:

Mauser Fly Fishing                                                                                             

722 Cedar Point Blvd #137                                                                                    

Cedar Point, NC 28584




The small print:  Due to the fact that manufacturing and material costs can increase or decrease, we have the right to adjust our repair costs if needed.  The repair costs on this page and on the repair form will always be reflective of the current costs.