Rod Repairs

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Repair Policy: We know accidents occur, and we want you to have the peace of mind of knowing that your rod will be fixed and returned to you as soon as possible.

Most companies charge a fee for repair and call it a "processing fee" or "handling fee". The fee is there to help cover the repair costs without costing the company out of pocket. The fee you pay us for your "Lifetime Repair Policy" is enough for us to cover the cost of parts, and we are basically covering the cost of labor ourselves. We think that’s a pretty good deal for our anglers. It's like insurance that you don't have to pay until the accident occurs.

We would love to offer free or ridiculously low cost repair fees, but the only way a company can do that is by building the repair costs into their retail cost, and in turn hiking their rod prices. Many companies choose to do this, so that the repair fee is much lower. You are still paying for the repair, just at the time of purchase, whether you ever break your rod or not. We would much rather charge a repair fee if the rod ever breaks, rather than raise our rod retail costs. That way you get a premium quality fly rod at a great price, and you don’t have to pay towards a repair unless you actually break the rod at some point. And if you do, the repair cost is still extremely reasonable as far as we are concerned.

Because the cost of repairing or rebuilding each section varies due to parts, we have different repair costs for each broken section.


The costs are as follows:

*Tip Section $60

*Upper Middle Section $60

*Lower Middle Section $75

*Butt Section $85