Getting Started.

Fly fishing shouldn't be about the biggest fish, the biggest ego, the most IG likes or the most pro staffs in your bio.

It should be about finding joy, community, and adventure in the outdoors.

When we started Mauser Fly Fishing 3 years ago, we didn't do it to be the biggest, coolest, or most profitable company in the industry.

We did it to provide the biggest possible impact in this industry.

Our mission is to provide a bigger, more positive impact on fly fishing than any other brand in history.

That mission starts with you.

With providing you the best equipment, and best experiences we can.

From there, we'll use it to grow the community and the sport.

Both through our own work, and by supporting organizations that are already doing great things.

We've got a long ways to go, and a short time to get there.

Trust us, we are just getting started.

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