Ramblings - Let The 99% Daydream

1 in 100 people achieve their dreams. One in a hundred business plans become a successful company. One in a hundred people come close to achieving their potential.


Because getting there takes time...it's hard...it's ugly...and there's nothing glamorous about it.

You know whats pretty?

The dreaming....the wishful thinking...and telling your friends about it.

But those things don't get you far.

And that's where it stops for most people.

Don't get me wrong.

The dream, the thought, the desire, the want...is all a very important part of it.

But it's the easy part, and it's completely worthless without the execution.

The execution of the work it takes on a daily, hourly and minute by minute basis to achieve those dreams.

While the other 99% dream and talk, you have to execute on your goals and your potential.

It can be exhausting, stressful and mind numbing.

Scratch that...it IS exhausting, stressful and mind numbing.

But it's the only way to seperate yourself from the 99%.

When we started Mauser Fly Fishing, I commited to grinding it out every single day.

No excuses.

Whatever it took.

To make this dream a reality.

Work as hard as possible, for as many hours as needed, and as many years as it takes, to build a legacy brand.

And still make the time to treat every customer and potential customer like they are my best friend.

What's your dream life?

What's your business plan?

What's your potential?

You can 100% achieve it if you are willing to commit to executing on it no matter what.

Let the 99% daydream, you go be the one who makes it a reality. 👊🏼

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