The Secret Ingredient.

What makes your rods better than everyone elses?

This has to be the number one question we get from anglers who have just found out about us.

And the answer isn't what they expect.

Because it's not the answer they get from everyone else.

Proprietary resins, nano this, technology that, pixie dust, etc.

The answer is almost always a technical answer.

So, what makes OUR rods better than the rest?

The people behind the rods.

Thats our secret ingredient.

We are anglers that are on fire to give our customers the best experience they've ever had.

Of course we use the best materials available to us.

And we build each rod, down to every wrap of thread, to the best of our ability.

But what makes them special, what really makes anglers proud to own them, are the people standing behind them.


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