The Silent Killer, by Aaron Becker

It is hard to ignore the elephant in the room. 

We are all putting aside different normality’s in our lives to keep ourselves and our family’s safe. It’s a tough time for all of us and in this moment, I think it is important to reflect on our lives and question if there is anything we can work on.

The world is giving us an opportunity to work on ourselves. I am taking this time to look internally and work on myself and my dreams for the future. I have observed a few things during these crazy times and it is humbling and eye opening at the same time.

There are so many people out and about. Exploring the outdoors and picking up new hobbies. Working in a fly shop I have seen a flood of new anglers to the sport. It has been exciting to see and help so many people get into this sport that’s given me so much.

With so many people out on the trails, in the woods, and exploring our local waterways there is a toll that comes with the added pressure. As anglers, hikers, campers, men and woman it is important that we protect these areas for future generations.

There is no better time to reflect and work together to improve and preserve our waterways and trails than right now. It’s given me a kick in the butt to do more, and it is important that we all do more for our local community’s and waterways.

I know times may seem tough for a lot of us and there are many uncertainties. If there is any comfort, we are in this together and we are always stronger together than apart. It is important to push forward through these uncertain days ahead.

Blaze a path, keep your body balanced and your mind centered. Keep in touch with your loved ones. Check on a neighbor, maybe even pick up food for someone in need. We all need each other right now more than ever.

I hope I can send someone a bit of positivity in a time where negativity and uncertainty seen to pollute our news and world. Keep that head up, keep pushing forward and never give up. You're strong and important to this world. The Silent killer can be your biggest enemy if you let him in.  So stand up, speak, and work together and we will all see the other side together.

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