Whatever it takes.

Whatever it takes...

Justin and I left the New Jersey Fly Fishing Show Sunday night and drove straight through the night to get home.

Both of us still recovering from some nasty bug that we caught in NJ.

Why did we go through all that?

Because he had class Monday morning, and I had a fishing charter.

After being up for 22hrs, we got home and got a few hours of sleep and jumped right back into gear.

This image is me yesterday, trudging through mud and 50 deg water, pushing my clients to a section of creek stacked with redfish.

I wasn't going to let a few obstacles keep me from providing the best service possible.

We treat our fly rods and Mauser Fly Fishing the same way.

Whatever it takes.

No excuses ever.

Because we believe in the mission, and we love and appreciate every one of you.

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