Our job is to create the best fly rods possible.  Period

We've poured years of experience gained through fly fishing and guiding into our rods.  When it came to designing our own equipment, no short cuts would do.  Nothing less than the best.  Our USA made rods contain the highest quality components, and are hand-built right here in Coastal North Carolina.

The Southern Outer Banks are our testing grounds.  Over 10 years of fly fishing the harshest conditions and fighting the toughest fish, has given us the knowledge-base to build equipment that will stand up to anything you put it against.

We believe that having a superior product is only part of the equation.  The company that manufactures the product should also have their customers' best interest in mind.  You deserve a company that will be there for you before, during, and after the purchase.  A company that listens, not just talks.  A company that is built on truth, not hype.  A company that supports the sport, and works to grow and develop it for future generations.  A company that gives generously, educates its customers, and treats each of them like a friend.  It is our intent to be that company for you.

We believe that fly fishing is more than a past time or a hobby.  It's a life-style, a love, a passion.  We understand that time spent on the water is therapeutic and heals the soul.  Life is too short not to make the best of every single day, do what you love, and go catch some fish!

Life is short, choose your adventure! 




My obsession with fishing started over thirty years ago. 

The fondest memories of my youth, involve my father waking me up early on Saturday mornings to head down to the river.  Casting bobbers for Bluegill at the age of 5 is where my obsession began.  Thirty years later, with a family of my own, I am now sharing my passion for fishing with my two young boys Tucker and Zane. 

I have literally spent my entire life on the water.  Because of fishing, and especially the fly rod, I have made friends, caught fish, and travelled to destinations that I would have never seen otherwise.

As my love for fly fishing and time spent on the water grew, guiding became a natural progression for me.  I started a guide service in 2012 and experienced the excitement and reward of leading anglers to the fish of their dreams.  Guiding has always been about much more than catching fish, it's about teaching anglers something new, showing them the beauty of nature, and leaving them with long lasting memories of their day on the water.

I had the pleasure of helping launch a local Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing program in 2013.  It has been an honor to work with our disabled Veterans and share my love of fly fishing, fly tying and rod building with them.  I can tell you that it is amazing to witness the healing and therapeutic power of this program, it has definitely saved lives.

Mauser Fly Fishing grew from this progression of my life being fully intertwined with the sport.  My passion for guiding and teaching people about fly fishing led me to start designing and building fly rods.  There is nothing more thrilling for me, than putting a hand-crafted fly rod into someone's hands and watching them pursue their fish of a lifetime.  I look forward to building a relationship of trust with every one of our clients.

John Mauser, Owner, Mauser Fly Fishing LLC