Chad Sperry

Growing up in Colorado Springs, Chad Sperry got a head start on a lot of other fisherman. Handed his first fly rod at 9 years old, under the instruction of his old man, Chad became instantly addicted. Starting with the local trout in his home waters, "Dingle" has added a saltwater addiction to keep him on his game during the offseason. When he's not on the river pursuing Trout, or chasing Bonefish and Permit in Xcalak Mexico, you can find him snowmobiling or skiing the backcoury around his home in Vail.

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Cooper Anderson

Cooper Anderson, a rare species of Vail Valley natives, is one of the Valley’s longest-running fishing guides with over 19 years of guiding experience! He grew up fly fishing with his dad and brothers in Vail and knows the local rivers and creeks like the back of his hand. Cooper’s life-long dedication to the sport, along with his unrivaled knowledge and patient teaching techniques are a winning combination for success on the river. Cooper’s love for fly fishing doesn’t stop in the Vail Valley, get him talking about his travels for bonefish, tarpon, snook, bass, pike, carp, or salmon and you will surely catch a glimpse of his passion for fly fishing. Cooper enjoys traveling and fishing with his family. He spends (lots of) time in the Florida Keys with his Dad, on the Blue River with his brother Drew, to the boundary waters with his brother Travis, and takes his wife Katie and daughter Nixy with him whenever possible. If you make it out to Colorado, hire Cooper as your guide- he will show you where the hungry trout hide!

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Katie Fiedler Anderson

Katie Fiedler Anderson, a veteran fly fishing guide out of Vail, Colorado, loves to spark the passion for the sport of fly fishing by sharing her knowledge gained over 12 years as a trout guide. If you ask Katie her favorite part of guiding, she will tell you it’s tied between seeing a young angler net their first trout or a seasoned angler have a breakthrough moment that elevates their fly fishing game. Those are both lies. Katie's favorite part of guiding is when someone catches the first fish of the day so that she can relax and feel confident that her flies are working. Katie loves to fish with her beautiful husband, Cooper and their slightly less beautiful dog, Tippet. She recently gave birth to a new little fishing buddy, Nixy, who had lots of practice in the womb. If you need any tips on fishing while pregnant, like how to stay cool on a flats skiff, and how to pee while pregnant in waders in the woods, or just general banter about fly fishing, Katie is your gal. She is competing in the invite-only Women’s Tarpon Fly Fishing Tournament in the Florida Keys for the third year in a row and she will tell you many stories about the hard lessons and fun she has had while pushing herself to be better in her sport while fishing for one of the toughest fish to catch on a fly. See Katie in action on her YouTube channel ( Katie Fiedler Anderson) and she'll show you "how to catch a fish in a minute". Head to the rocky mountains of Vail, CO and request Katie as your guide today.

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