Ready to bring your saltwater fly fishing game to the next level?


First Annual Carolina Saltwater Fly Fishing School

Swansboro, North Carolina

May 4th and 5th, 2019



We are excited to announce the First Annual Carolina Saltwater Fly Fishing School.  Located in the Heart of North Carolina's Crystal Coast, we are a prime location for saltwater fly fishing while experiencing what southern hospitality is all about.  

North Carolina's Crystal Coast is known for it's fantastic inshore Redfish fishery along with it's fall run of False Albacore.  We also have great fisheries for Speckled Trout, Bluefish, Bonito, Spanish Mackerel, and Sharks, along with several other inshore and offshore species on fly.

Join us for two full days of Saltwater Fly Fishing instruction from our team of very knowledgeable guides.  Nowhere else on the South-Eastern Coast can you get so many years of saltwater fly fishing experience packed into one weekend.  Powerpoint seminars, hands on classroom work, and outside demonstrations and practice will help you become a better saltwater angler.



One on one fly casting instruction that will teach you how to quickly and accurately present your fly to it's target . Become better at anticipating how fish react, to give you the best chances of getting an eat.  Learn tips and tricks to cast more accurately while dealing with wind and waves.  Learn how to cast farther and faster without working harder.


We'll teach you how to communicate with your guide for the best chance of success on a fishing charter. We'll share several examples of saltwater fly fishing equipment and teach you how to choose the best gear in your price range.  Learn what rod wt is best for your type of fishing, and how a rod's taper affects your cast.  Navigate the myriad of fly line choices and decide what works best for you.  Work hands on with our instructors to build the perfect leader from scratch.  Learn all the knots needed to rig a fly fishing setup from the backing arbor knot to the non-slip loop knot attached to the fly.

View information packed powerpoints while our instructors teach you about local fish species and the flies that they can't resist.  We'll show you satellite images of local waters and teach you how to read them and how the fish use their different features.  Watch slide shows on how to up your photography game and create those wall hanger images of your catch.

This is just a taste of what we have in store!  Continue reading below for more detailed info on some of the topics in our itinerary.



Topics your Guide Instructors will cover during the 2 day School


Selecting the Right Tackle for you

  • Rods - materials, build process, taper and action, wts, length, 1pc vs multiple pcs, components, costs, etc.
  • Lines - materials, core strength, tapers and uses, floating vs intermediate vs sinking, wt and grain ratings, tropical vs coldwater, costs, etc.
  • Reels - material, drags, wt and capacity, how weight affects rod balance, costs, etc.
  • Leaders - tapered vs straight leaders, lengths for different situations, leader materials, purchasing vs building leaders, students will hand build a leader.
  • Backing - materials, strength, amount needed for different situations.
  • Extra Equipment - stripping baskets, buckets, mats, etc.


    Up your Saltwater Casting Game   

    • Why Saltwater Casting is Different - distance expectations, minimizing false casts, dealing with wind, heavy flies, boats, waves, etc.
    • Basic Casting Tune-up - discuss basic casting principles and measure your distance and accuracy.
    • Double Haul - break down the technique into simple steps and measure casting improvement before and after.
    • Other Techniques - back casts, casting weighted flies, casting into the wind, effective false casting, casting weighted lines.


    Learn Techniques from the Pros

    • Skiff Etiquette - angler and guide communication, clock-face casting positions.
    • Prospect Casting vs Sight Casting - covering water, casting to individual fish, casting to schools of fish.
    • Stripping and Hookset - techniques for different conditions and fish, and avoiding the dreaded "trout set".
    • Fighting - applying maximum pressure and landing fish on foot or in a boat.
    • Photographing and Releasing Fish - techniques for capturing your moment and releasing healthy fish.


    Fish Species of the South East Coast

    • Inshore and Nearshore Fish Species - discuss common and uncommon fly fishing targets along the South Eastern coast of the United States.
    • Habitats - cover the different environments our favorite fly fishing species call home.
    • Some of the species we'll cover include Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Bonito, Albacore, Mackerel, Bluefish, and Sharks.


    Flies and the Prey they Imitate

    • Natural Prey Items - discuss the shrimp, crabs and baitfish that make up the food sources for our local fish.
    • Faking them out with fur and feathers - tying flies that imitate saltwater food sources and draw strikes.
    • How to properly fish those flies.
    • Show examples of effective crab, shrimp and baitfish patterns.


    Registration for the May 4th/5th 2019 class opens January 1st 2019. 

    Contact: info@mauserflyfishing for more information.





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